Hiking through the jungles to Bottle beach on Ko Phangan


When my friend Mei suggested me to go hiking to Bottle beach, I just thought ‘oh it’s cool’. Living on Ko Phangan for more than a year, I’ve never been on the most beautiful beach of the island. Bottle Beach is located in the north of the island and quite isolated, the only way to get there (apart of hiking) is to take a boat from Chaloklam.

We started riding to Chaloklam after yoga classes around 2:30 pm and I expected it to be a nice walk through the jungles to the Bottle beach. Well… from the first minutes we’ve climbed up through the stones and roots of the trees all the way up to the mountain. I haven’t done hiking for ages and felt unprepared. It was hot and I stopped sometimes just to calm down the breath and to take a rest a bit. Mei used to do hiking sometimes and she was moving faster. We agreed to meet at a specific point and she left.

Later I’ve heard some sounds from the trees and I assumed that it was the birds talking to each other. Strangely enough, I haven’t seen any insects, animals, and birds throughout the entire journey.  This was the only case. When I looked up I saw a monkey on the tree staring at me. I’ve got a flash in my mind remembering monkey jumping to my back on Bali. I hardly managed to throw it away feeling extremely scared and screaming loudly. It’s been trying to take my sunglasses off and even scratched my cheek a bit. So…. having all this in my mind, I just lowered my head down (if looking directly at their eyes, they can take it as an act of aggression and to attack), found a stick and went away as fast as I could. Even though I had such a big temptation to make a video of them!

I reckon it took about 1 hour 45 minutes to get to the Bottle beach. Half of the way was going up to the mountain and another half was down. I felt almost dying by the time we got to the beach and hoping to take the boat back to Chaloklam. But…. there was no boats due to the low season! I have to go hiking back! It was already 5 pm and it’s getting dark around 7 pm here. I got a quick pineapple shake at the beach restaurant and left Mei eating a sandwich as I’m anyway slower than her and she can catch me on the way.

Getting terrified of coming darkness, I was moving faster than before. Although few times I lost a track. We didn’t meet with Mei as I think she passed by at one of those moments when I lost a track. I got back to the bike at 6:30 feeling worn out.

This film doesn’t show all the difficult moments, but it’s a nice memory of the day 🙂



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