Motorbike trip of 1.700 km around Northern Vietnam


After my first motorbike trip to Vietnam, I was dreaming about to repeat it in more extended version. Three months later, I got in contact with Frank again and set it up for March. He was very generous to give me a very good discount for the next trip. I felt so excited! The closer it became, the more hesitations I had. I don’t know why, but I had a feeling that something dramatic has to happen there. I even bought a medical insurance, the first time in my life, never thought about it before. And I even went through a complicated process of getting Thai driving license just to be sure that my medical will work in any cases.

Before getting to Vietnam, I was traveling around Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai with my mom. We came together to Hanoi as well where I supposed to start my motorbike trip with Frank on the next day, But my mom stayed in Hanoi to explore the city and to go on a boat trip to Halong Bay. We didn’t suppose to meet there any more as by the time I had to come back, she’d have been in Moscow already.

Frank came to our hotel to say hello to my mom and to spend, at least, a couple of hours together. We were so happy to see each other again! He took us to the place where was the best soup Pho in Hanoi. I really like Hanoi and I missed it in a way. It’s big and crowded, but I have a “homey” feeling in this city. Struggling with a huge bowl of the most delicious Pho I’ve ever had, we finished our breakfast and said goodbye to my mom.

After all necessary preparations in Frank garage, we started our trip. I still felt nervous. I was trying to ignore it, but the tensions were letting me know that they are still there, by numbness in the shoulders and the neck.  On the top of that, since it was a rainy weather and the road was slippery, I nearly got into the accident while overtaking the truck. It’s a right sided traffic in Vietnam and I did it from the left side consequently, but scooter overtaking the truck from the right side at the same time was nearly bumped into me. I pushed the back breaks and was about falling down losing the balance. Intuitively I changed the gears and managed to balance the bike. Otherwise, having the truck on the back, scooter on the right and coming car in front on the left, I can guess what could have happened…. Later on, Frank explained to me how to break in case of emergency. We did 220 km on the first day and I was happy to have a rest and chill on the next one.

Every day the road became more challenging. I loved it and I came there for it, to get more skills and riding experience of this kind of motorbike, but my tensions did let me go. I was trying to be double cautious and praying to God every day to come back home healthy and in one piece. As a result, I was riding slower than it was expected and Frank often was waiting for me. He looked more and more grumpy day by day and finally, by the middle of trip he told me that I’m riding like a turtle,


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