On the next morning, we started from Frank’s garage. He mentioned that his friend Trung will join us, who is professional off-road motorbike rider. We came to somewhere outside of Hanoi to the field with sand, rocks, hills, and bulls. Looking at all this ‘natural beauty’ I’ve got an unpleasant feeling in my stomach and my fears started whispering to me: what are you doing? are you crazy? Well, I said to myself, too late…

The first real challenge was the sand. The guys were sliding so easily on the sand, but I, of course, fell off.

In fact, my biggest problem with a motorbike is that I need to learn more how to balance it. It is very heavy and when it bends or falls, I’m not able to lift it up again. And comparing to the scooter, the motorbike is too high for me, I can’t keep the balance using my legs as they are not long enough to stay stable on the ground. They explained me the few technics how to keep the balance in the sand and showed me crossing the sand by themselves. Now, it’s your turn they said. I was looking at this sandy path, which was the longest and the deepest (and the scariest, grrrr) on the field and everything contracted inside of me. But I had no choice, that was my decision to come here and to ask them to teach me. I said GO to myself and time stopped for me again. That was an extreme concentration on all new skills I just learned and to get them all together. Zero thoughts, no breathing… And I did it! I managed to go through this long and deep sandy path without falling down!! Guys, you are the best!!! Gosh, I’m soo happy!!!

The second real challenge was to climb up on the steep hill. I didn’t know what to expect on the top. Is there sand? Rocks? Or just grass? Oh, goodness, grass would be so good for me… Trung told me I should be getting ready for anything and manage it depending on the situation. Easy to say…. He showed me how easily and gracefully he flew to the top.

Well, my turn again. Surprisingly, I did it quite well for the first time. I came to the top and crossed the sand. It was good, I was proud of myself.

He said, let’s do it again and flew to the sky on the motorbike.

I started feeling more confident, I’ve already conquered this hill once, everything should be ok, I said to myself. On the second time,  I climbed quite well to the slope, but on the sandy part I lost my concentration and fell off. Trung said it’s ok just try it again. Getting ready down to the hill for the third time, I felt nervous a bit. I started the engine and moved. And then, I did a mistake. When I’m riding a scooter, I push the back break with a left hand when I see a danger. And here, this automatic reaction happened, but instead of back break, it was a clutch. Thus, almost reaching a top, started moving backward down to hill and fell off.

Usually, when I’m falling down, I do it on the way that bike doesn’t touch me. But on this slope, I didn’t have any choice and motorbike fell off to my leg. Fortunately, I didn’t break anything, I just got a huge big bruise for the entire leg, which swallowed later. My hands were shaking. I needed a break.

After a while, the guys suggested me to try again. Even though my hands were still shaking, I have to do it again.I can’t just leave it like this. I did a mistake and I have to learn out of this. I got ready for a ride and maximally focused on all things I learned before. I will conquer this hill again. And I did it. That was a nice accomplishment of the great day. Guys, I’m so grateful to you!!!!

Finally, we can relax and have a coffee. Oh, that was the best and most enjoyable coffee I’ve ever had! (After such a challenge haha)

Now it’s a good time to get back to the hotel, to take a shower (the sand was all over on me, even in the panties haha) and to relax.

There is one more day left in Hanoi and it’s good just to go around the city to enjoy it more. I really love Hanoi! I had a long breakfast near the lake, observing locals and tourists passing by. It was a chilly day, but sunny with a very cold wind. All locals were wearing long jeans and wind resistant jackets closed up to the top. The tourists were in the shorts and in the tops without sleeves. It’s a winter time in Europe now and we are so hungry for the sun, so try to use any occasion to feel the sun on the skin.

Later on, we met with Frank for a lunch to say a final goodbye to each other.

It’s been a great journey, big challenge and immense satisfaction of overcoming fears and difficulties, as well as experiencing the moments of extreme joy and happiness.  And, of course, such a pleasure of meeting you, brother Frank. I don’t want to say goodbye, I want to ride together again. And I know it’s possible. Everything is possible in this life 🙂


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